Montag, 18. Juni 2012

so viel Spass mit Farben....

Ich habe mal wieder die Acrylfarben zur Hand genommen, sie fristeten lange ein einsames Dasein.

Und hier meine geliebten Neocolor II.

Ein Foto von meinem CUBA Urlaub..., lang ist's her....(seufz).


  1. Wann warst Du denn auf Kuba????
    Sehr schoen das Bild mit Lena in turquoise.

  2. Cool. Und Cuba fand ich auch klasse - auch wenn schon lange her

  3. Irre, klasse Farben, klasse Werke, das Layout von Kuba ist erstaunlich. Liebe Grüße Birgit

  4. WOW, those last two our amazing and brillant!! What a great job you did painting with the images there, love this!! I've never thought to do the last one, but think it's a cool idea and will give it a try when I can find the right photos to use.

    How cute is that first one, that is alot of steps to be crawling up, nice colors for this one.

    I just posted my Project Life and one piece of art that I just made, have you gotten to see any of my art. I don't do or share a lot like you do, still in the learning process. Seems you usually see my PL pages. Try to take a peek if you can and later this week I will have more art to share.

    Really loved this!!

  5. These are neat! Love each one...each with their own special touches! Fab!