Montag, 8. Oktober 2012


Sometimes I have no idea what to do with my kids on rainy days. The best idea, the best I can do is to give them paint, brushes and paper.

This page is for the art journal challenge no. 11 on sodalicious (theme: idea).


  1. I know what you mean about rainy days, we have been getting a lot of them. I love love this blue/black together, will have to use these colors in a page. There is so much to love here, the BLUE, the trims, the cool alpha letters, the butterflies, the layers and more layers, the sweet pictures.
    Did she paint on this page too?? Really love this!

    I forgot to mention on your previous post, that is such a cute collage art your daughter did. How fun that is and looks super COOL!!

    I just posted my daughter's Homecoming Dance photos if you want to peek. HUGS!

  2. une belle page dynamique et colorée!