Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012

smash it

Und noch ein paar smash book Seiten mit Themen aus der smash it challenge auf (von Katerina und Natallia).

And here again some pages for the smash it challenge on (von Katerina und Natallia).

И вот опять несколько страниц для разбить его на вызов (Катерина и Наталья).

20 smashbook page Project Logo

And here are my pages.

magazine article

use letters of your name to spell out characteristics of you

favorite poem

favorite movie


  1. Love your sweet creation! Each page looks great!

  2. LOVE LOVE each page and reading a little bit about you. Great job with your name, I like that you didn't use each letter to start each word but worked around each letter. Hope that makes sense. I still have to dig my smashbook out of closet, thanks for the reminder.

    LOVE THIS!!!

  3. Hi again, wanted to let you know I dug out my smash book. It is one of the small ones and most of the pages have some doodles and things written on it. Did you just paint over the pages and start fresh?? or did yours come with blank pages??

    I'm going to check out the link you shared to see what others have done. Thanks for the inspiration.

    On another thought, the blue/black/white PLAY layout you did recently of your daughter. I keep going back to those colors and loving them. When uploading my photos today a picture that I'd forgotten about reminded me of these colors and your page. They are of 3 sweatshirts of my kids and they were laying out drying all day so I saw them often as I'd walk by. Well finally I took a picture because that's the crazy kinda thing I do, lol now I know it was meant to me for me to play with these colors and be inspired by your page. SO THANKS ALWAYS ALWAYS FOR INSPIRING ME AND SHARING YOUR BEATUIFUL ART WITH US. Sorry to ramble on but just had to share and let you know that your art makes MY DAY!!!
    I will share my page when it's done, still waiting for my pictures to develop.