Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

photo a day - december 9-12

I'm again in the challenge "Photo a day" by FatMumSlim.
I will try to take this challenge in december for my memories and my december daily. I have so much fun some days but some days are also a little bit stressful because of no time to do and find the right  item/shoot/pic. Anyway I just keep going.
Here are the days 9-12:

9. Out + about: Whatever you do today, take a photo while you’re doing it.
potatos for our lunch time

10. Under: Take a photo of something {anything!} under something.
paper under paper

11. Sweet: Take a photo of something sweet {food or not!}
my daily routine: coffee with a little sweet

12. Hat: Take a photo of a hat. If it’s cold – perhaps a beanie. If it’s hot, perhaps a sun hat.
hat from my hubby


  1. Awesome photos! They all look great and fit so well!

  2. und wer hat die Kartoffeln geschält. Ich bin da so miserabel, dass mein Mann das immer macht. Aber egal, Hauptsache sie sind dann geschält. :-)

  3. How fun these are! I love seeing you do these, reminds me of my Project Life. Great job on fitting the prompts, keep up the good work.

    How exciting that you got snow already, we are still waiting for our first big snow. So far December has been pretty mild for us. Have a great day!