Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

Photo a day - december

I'm sure you know "Photo a day" by FatMumSlim.
I will try to take this challenge in december for my memories and my december daily. Here are the first 4 days:

1. 8 o’clock: Take a photo at whatever you’re doing at 8am or 8pm.
2. Peace: What does peace look like for you? Or take a photo of a peace sign.
3. Something you held: a child, your phone, a gift, a shopping bag – anything!
4. Black + white: Use a black + white filter on a photo of your choice, or take a photo of something black and white.

1.12.2012 - 8 o'clock - Annabelle is jumping with a pillow
2.12.2012 - peace - this looks like peace
3.12.2012 - something you held - my daughter, I'm still holding her...
4.12.2012 - black and white - our camera is every day in use


  1. This is so cool, love all your takes with the prompts!! That reindeer is PEACE to me also. So glad your having fun this holiday season. Hope you will post more of these. I'm hoping to post pictures soon on my blog, for now I have cute word only posts. I'm working on my DD though and it's coming along nicely. Will post those too. Having prob. with uploading my pictures and texts, hope to fix soon.

    I saw the post below too and LOVE IT!! Great colors and design!! Have a HAPPY DAY!