Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

Soul Collaboration - Art Work of 4 different Artists

Hi there,

now I want to show you all art work of the Soul Collaboration members!
It's so great to see all the different artwork from Shawn PetitIrma de JagerCassandra Cushman and me. All so beautiful in a different style with a different meaning.

I made a series of 6 pieces about a journey through the world with different countries and landmarks on the 6x6 pieces of art. I sketched and painted all the buildings by myself. 

Hallo Ihr Lieben!

Nun zeige ich Euch alle kleinen Kunstwerke aller Soul Collaboration Mitglieder. Es ist so wahnsinnig interessant die unterschiedlichen Kunstwerke von Shawn PetitIrma de JagerCassandra Cushman und meiner Wenigkeit zu sehen, alle haben einen unterschiedlichen Stil und die Werke jeweils andere Bedeutungen.

Enjoy! Geniesst sie!

Shawn Petit

Cassandra Cushman

Irma de Jager

My theme for Soul Collaboration is "Journey through the world". The Journey began in Italy, therefore I made two pieces for Rome and Pisa. Then I travelled to Great Britain-London and the USA-New York. I made 4 pieces, but then I couldn't stop and I added France-Paris and Germany-Berlin. ;-)

Please visit her blogs to know more about their pieces of art!

Shawn Petit 

Irma de Jager

Cassandra Cushman

Am 16. Februar gibt es den letzten Blog Hop zu dem finalen Video von Jedem, mit der Integration aller Kunstwerke. Ich hoffe Ihr seid wieder mit dabei, merkt Euch den Termin schonmal vor! Für mich ist es ganz aufregend und ich bin gespannt wie meine Mitstreiterinnen diese Aufgabe umsetzen werden.

I are very welcome to join us. On February 16th there is the last blog hop where we all show our final video with the artwork of integration of all pieces. Stay tuned and save the date! I'm so excited to see how they managed this task.

Have a nice day!

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  1. To tell the truth I like "Journey through the world" the best.
    Thank you, Irma!