Freitag, 30. November 2012

article in the scrapovani magazine

Here is my article for the czech online scrapbooking magazine scrapovani. Read about my most favorite supply GESSO.
Thanks again lovely Milka, for your invitation.

My most favorite supply: GESSO

I have thought about which material I like to use most often, it is Gesso.
Gesso is usually a ground for painting, which is applied to on a canvas as a foundation. Gesso allows for adhesion of acrylic and oil paints and makes the colors more vibrant. It consists out of acrylic polymer. There are thick and thin Gesso in colors white, black and natural to choose from. It can be easily mixed with any acrylic paint.
Gesso can be bought in arts and crafts stores. And since the worlds of scrapbooking and mixed media are coming closed, a lot of scrapbooking stores have it as well.

At the middle of 2011 I was introduced with Gesso through the mixed media scrapbooker Anna Dabrowska and so I experimented with Gesso. My first layout with Gesso was „splish splash“. For this layout I have glued different papers as a background and applied Gesso with a sponge. Then I used stamps and misting.

splish splash

I used Gesso in different ways but mostly I use it to slightly cover up colorful patterned paper, so I can integrate a photo into the background. Most oft he time this creates some dream effect and you reach a kind of flow. In addition it puts the photo more into to focus. The more you dilute Gesso with water, the more transparent it becomes and the background is more visible (layouts "smile" and "Schnoddernase").



I work often with the layering process but I do not use a lot of different papers. I use stamps and textbook pages (tissue paper). Form me it is much more interesting with many textures in which you can discover always something new. I love small details that you only find at second glance (layout "patient").

Gesso can also be used as normal white paint. Here a simple brushed heart for a valentine layout ("we are two").

we are two

Furthermore you can create texture with Gesso. I usually use a thick Gesso, a stencil and for applying and spreading an old credit card. With Gesso you can also stamp. This way you can create three dimensional backgrounds or foregrounds (layout "fly").

I am a devoted art journaler and art journaling with out Gesso is unthinkable. It is exciting to see how the different materials are working with Gesso. The colors from Gelatos are much more brighter, water based NeocolorII will loose their color because the paper is less absorbent with Gesso.

special day

I'm a twin

And when I think I totally screwed up I paint everything white with Gesso and start from the beginning. ;-)



  1. This was so FUN to read!! I have always always loved the way you used gesso!! These were all great examples of the different ways you use gesso. LOVE LOVE your style and LOVE LOVE this post!! Congrats!

  2. I love gesso too. Your creations have used it in such a stunning way! Just beautiful works of art!

  3. Thank you very much for your article! It was pleasure to ask you for article and then, when I saw all those ways using gesso... This was only the sixth issue of the magazine Scrapování but your article was the best of all for me!
    And as dawn wrote: "LOVE LOVE your style and LOVE LOVE this post!"

  4. Eine sehr gute Beschreibung, was alles mit Gesso möglich ist, deine Layouts sind alle der absolute Knaller. Und - ganz genau - wenn es nicht so wird, wie man es will, kommt einfach eine Schicht Gesso drüber. Ich wünsch dir ein schönes erstes Adventswochenende. Liebe Grüße Birgit


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