Freitag, 31. August 2012

Dienstag, 28. August 2012

go crazy

Go crazy in your life and go crazy in your memories.
I loved the play with colors and when ever I see this layout I feel good. And this is the best way to live. A life with colors and my family ;-)

Here is a short process how I made this layout.

I started with squares of patterned paper and added acrylic paint, Neocolor II and Gelatos and one stamp.

a little bit naked I though...

I added texture with stamps and rub-ons. This is what I like: movement.

final page with photos and journaling

Samstag, 25. August 2012

scrap it girl

On scrap it girl there is a challenge with the theme "numbers".
My daughter is counting and singing a counting song for children the hole day. So it was easy for me to find the context and to made this layout.

Auf scrap it girl gibt es im August die challenge mit dem Thema "Zahlen".
Da meine Tochter derzeit alles zählt was sie sieht und den ganzen Tag ein bestimmtes Kinderlied, in welchem es sich ums Zählen lernen dreht, singt, war es einfach für mich dieses layout zu erstellen.

123 ich kann schon was
das ist ein toller Zahlenspass
komm doch mit und du wirst seh´n
wir zählen jetzt bis 10
5 Finger sind an einer Hand
10 Finger sind es insgesammt
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 und 10
so einfach kann es geh´n

(selbst ich kann das Lied schon auswendig ;-))

she loves drawing

She loves drawing. Especially on her Body.

The Bakground I made with decoupage paper (right side) and I used Gelatos and Gesso for blending.

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

verschiedene Layouts mit demselben Foto

Das passiert ja nun wirklich nicht oft, dass man mit ein und demselben Foto 2 verschiedene Layouts kreiert. Aber hier habe ich herumexperimentiert und ich will Euch zeigen warum ich so einen Aufwand betrieben habe.

Seitdem ich Gelatos habe greife ich instinktiv bei fast jedem Layout danach und sie beeinflussen massgeblich den Stil. Sie führen dazu, dass ich bestimmte Materialien greife wie washi tape und dass ich die Titel per Hand schreibe. Das Layout wird freier, unperfekt und verspielter und hat mehr texture.
In diesem Falle habe ich allerdings nicht auf das Foto geachtet. Das Foto hat eher einen sanften feinen touch, das Layout jedoch wirkt nun unharmonisch, unruhig und tut einfach "weh" und hat zudem auch noch unpassendes Hintergrundpapier.

Das kann man nicht bringen dachte ich und setzte mich noch einmal hin.

Ok, also doch eher klassischer Scrapbooking Stil mit einigen Papieren und Embellishments. Und siehe da es harmoniert und passt perfekter zum Foto.

So, und jetzt nicht mit dem Kopf schütteln.... 2 Tage später sah ich diese tolle challenge und sie erinnerte mich in ihren Fraben an ein bestimmtes Foto ;-)

Ja, jetzt isse wirklich irre geworden ;-)

Und welches ist Euer Favorit?

Sonntag, 19. August 2012

two art journal challenges

Today I was busy as a bee, I did two pages in my art journal for two challenges.

First challenge is closed but I did the page anyway. It´s the july challenge on art journal journey with the theme summer.

 Second art journal challenge is on Sodalicious with the theme "I can" (No. 8).
 My daughter was climbing at the playground. Higher and higher. It seemed dangerous so her dad come to lift her down. But she wouldn´t....

Hamburg bei Nacht

Für dieses Layout fand ich die Inspiration bei Sascha Schmidt und seinem poem frame. Ist das nicht ein hammer tolles Teil? Ich hab mir die Idee der Aufhängung geklaut und sie für ein layout verwendet.

Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Dienstag, 14. August 2012

yesterday, today, tomorrow

On sodalicious there is a new art journal challenge No.7 with the theme: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

I found a phrase in an church calendar from 1955:
"Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow will coome
And today god will help us"

I thought the last line is not up to date so I changed it to "Today is our life"

This is what I made.

Montag, 13. August 2012


Some layouts of the everyday activity: play. They love playgrounds and they play the hole day. If the worst come to the worst we have rainy days....

Samstag, 11. August 2012

Challenge on CSI*8byt47g6bwJB8O-f2now41v6Okjxkh2TGTTy*lYQIXRGEcBBwM71c*gw9Euw*32pVVT1Hzgge/32flat.jpg
No. 32

On Color Story Inspiration is another challenge: case file No. 32
This is what I made:
"seek something precious at the beach"

Freitag, 10. August 2012

guest post Julie Fei Fan Balzer

I'm so excited to be a guest "post'ler" on Julies side.
I gave a little interview and made some new pages for this post. Enjoy :-)

Q: How long have you been art journaling?
A: I started art journaling in summer 2011 as addition to my scrapbooking projects. But before then I had always written and sketched regularly in my diary.


Q: Why did you start art journaling? A: One night I sat by my computer and surfed the web without a concrete goal, just to find inspiration. It happened then that I came across an art journaling page. This page impressed me and I continued to google for key words “art journaling” and filtered by pictures. The result was full of beautiful pictures. The colors and the ideas exploded literally in front of my eyes and I was hooked to art journaling. So I started as a scrapbooker who found totally different pages in her through the art journaling. I noticed that I missed something in scrapbooking: more of myself and more creativity.

Q: Why do you continue to art journal?

It is a way to express my thoughts and feelings in pictures, shapes and colors. A kind of illustrated diary in which I can capture important events, thoughts, dreams and wishes. It lets me experiment with materials and colors. It also lets me try different techniques. The difference between scrapbooking and art journaling is that in art journaling it does not need to be “perfect” outcome and it doesn’t require a goal or result. I can always leave a creative discharge and I can reinvent myself. This created a new freedom, which I endlessly enjoy and that is why I continue to art journal.


 I love the thought that I can later on go through my books and remember and show them to my kids and grandkids. My little world gets archived, it is a good feeling to continue.  


Q: How often do you art journal?
A: Not every day but minimum once a week. It doesn’t depend on my desire or my will but it is simply a time constrain. It can happen that I do 5-6 pages in one setting when I have the time. I always have something to say and I always have the desire to be creative


Q: How has your art journaling affected other craft/art that you do? A: Art journaling and changed my scrapbooking style dramatically. Sometimes one can not distinguish between my art journals and my scrapbooking. I mix everything just as it come into my head. Currently I do not use any pattern paper for scraping but I use create my own backgrounds.


 Q: Were there classes or books or YouTube videos that really helped you in your art journal journey?
A: Many art journal pages in the web and a video by willowing have influenced me. They helped me to define what art journaling is and I could understand what art journaling meant for other people. But at the end I follow my own art. For example, I use photos in my pages because they bring more meaning into the page.


Q: What are five must-have art journaling supplies? 
  • Neocolor II
  • Structure paste
  • Stencils (Crafter's Workshop)
  • Black pen (Micron)
  • Stamps

 Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start an art journal?

A: Do what you want, do it more and often and then see the wonderful results. Let yourself inspire by others but stay true to yourself and don’t try to copy.

Dienstag, 7. August 2012

Freitag, 3. August 2012

erste schritte ganz allein

Das ist ja immer ein ganz aufregender Moment, die ersten Schritte ganz allein. Erst wartet man geduldig und ermuntert und dann sind sie plötzlich da. Die ersten taumelnden Schritte mit erhobenen Armen, später werden die Ärmchen stolz herunter genommen und mitgeschlenkert. Tja und dann sind sie schnell eine Selbstverständlichkeit.