Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

photo a day - december 21-31

And here are my last pics for the fmsphotoaday challenge december 2012. Sometimes it was hard to find a photo but at least I had so much fun and it is a special memory for the december 2012.

21. Tree: Take a photo of a tree {yes, we did this last month – but try and be creative!}

22. Decoration: It could be Christmas related, or a decoration in your home.
old christmas chrib from grandma

23. Joy is______: What makes your filled with joy? Take a photo.
joy is this movie "three hazlenuts for cinderella"

24. Tradition/something you always do: What’s something you always do? A family tradition?
tradition in my ma's home: decorating christmas tree at the morning of the 24th

25. Lunchtime: If you celebrate Christmas – take a photo of what you’re doing at lunchtime {traveling, partying, opening gifts, laughing, drinking}. If you don’t celebrate Christmas – share what you did at lunchtime.
goose at lunch

26. Mess: Take a photo of a mess. Or a lack of one if you’re that way inclined.

27. How you relax: How do you like to chill out? Read a book, lay on the beach? Take a photo.

28. Cold: Take a photo of something cold.
couldn't find something cold, but it was cold outside

29. Hot: Take a photo of something hot.

hot chocolate

30. Something that made you smile this year: Reflect on the year gone by and find something made you smile.
padlocks on a bridge in berlin "forever love"

31. Self-portrait: Take your last selfie for the year. If you’re partying, take a photo with friends. If you’re having a quiet night in, take a photo of what you’re doing. Self-portraits don’t have to be obvious. I like very abstract ones – feet are an easy way to take a photo of yourself.
only a little bit edited ;-)

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