Dienstag, 30. April 2013

BAD SHOOT - challenge on paperdvizhnik

The new challenge no. 21 on Paperdvizhnik is here.

Your task is to make a project using a bad/pore photo shoot: with closed eyes, wrong composition etc.. Self-irony would be great :-)

I could'nt find a bad pic of mine ;-), but I found a shoot from my daughter with a funny grimace and I could see the resemblance to one of the famous people of the world. Can you see it too?

I also remembered the same idea by Tanya in paperdvizhnik challenge no.9. I have picked it, you can see it here. Great or not?! I know that I have kept the idea and when I saw the photo of my daughter, the idea came into my mind. But only when the layout was finished, I had the memory of having seen something like this before. That's the way with the "inspiration".

Montag, 22. April 2013

inspiration carousel

Today I want to share an idea for your inspirations, minds and thoughts. 
A inspiration carousel with wire and clothes pins where you can hang up your favorite stuff.
I made a carousel for my favorite phrases.

1) I used a wooden stick and platform from a doll-kit. I cuted the wire into 3 pieces and rotated them around itself.
2) To fix the wooden stick into the platform I used one 3D Dodz from Scrapbook Adhesive by 3L.
3) In the next step I printed some favorite phrases on pattern paper and cuted them out.
4) I rounded the corners of the papers an distressed them. For the bottom I used a leftover from a  selfmade paper.

5) In the next step I fixed the wire-carousel with a 3D Dodz. You can also use a hot glue gun.
6) After that I wrapped around a white ribbon for a better look.
7) Back to the wooden platform I glued the piece of paper with E-Z Dots permanent from Scrapbook Adhesives.
8) Then I fixed on each end of the wire little clothe pins. I only bended the end of the wires.

 9) I fixed two little pieces of my minds eye paper with E-Z Dots permanent.
10) Now I decorated the wooden platform a little bit with flowers.
11) I also decorated the upper part of the wooden stick with ribbons, flower and a selfmade washi tape feather.
12) More flowers on the top.

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a great creative day!

Scrapbook Adhesives By 3L used:

Dienstag, 16. April 2013

COLOR challenge no. 20 on paperdvizhnik

Today we have a wonderful color challenge for you on paperdvizhnik challenge blog.
 I made two layouts with this color scheme.

My first step was to make a card with the given colors. This is a A5 size.

After a photoshoot I pulled the card into pieces and used them for a layout.
Oh well, that's scrapbooking life ;-)
For the layout I used one of my favorite photos from our wedding in 2009.

And I made another layout with a photo from a trip. The colors fits perfectly for the challenge.

Montag, 8. April 2013

Great News again... - Scrapbook Adhesive

I have another wonderful announcement. I got an invitation from the Scrapbook Adhesive By 3LT to be a member of the awesome Designteam there and sure, I said YES!

I'm very excited and I'm looking forward to work in this great team and to work with great high quality products. You can find a lot of beautiful inspirations and great ideas on the blog of Scrapbook Adhesive. My dates will be the 8th and the 22th every month. I will give my best to inspire and impress you ;-).

Ich habe eine weitere wunderbare Neuigkeit. Ich habe eine Einladung von Scrapbook Adhesive B 3L für die Mitgliedschaft im Designteam erhalten  und natürlich habe ich ohne zögern zugesagt.
Ich freue mich tierisch in diesem grossartigen Team zu arbeiten und die hoch qualitativen Produkte nutzen zu dürfen. Es gibt zahlreiche wunderbare Inspirationen und Ideen auf dem Blog. Meine Termine werden immer der 8te und 22te jeden Monat sein, wo ich mein bestes geben werde, um Euch zu inspirieren und zu beeindrucken ;-)

Today I will start with the layout "hello life", I made for you to inspire. We are waiting still impatiently for spring here in switzerland, I'm so ready for it and I decided to use a lot of color. The basic is a white cardstock as background and I added structure with a stencil and modelling paste. Then I colored it to match the colors of the circles. The pattern of the circles comes from Glimmer Mist and stencil, acrylic paint and different stamps. Then I placed my title (also colored with glimmer mist) and my journaling in the left corner. Some stamps for texture, splashes, stickers, border line and wood embellishments finalized the layout.

Ich starte heute mit einem Layout "hello life" für Euch. Wir warten hier noch immer ganz ungeduldig auf den Frühling, ich bin so bereit dafür, dass ich entsprechend zu einer prächtigen Farbwahl gegriffen habe. Als Basis habe ich weissen Kardstock genommen und mit Modellierpaste und stencil eine Struktur geschaffen. Diese habe ich passend zu meinem schon vorcolorierten Papier-Kreisen eingefärbt. Ich nahm dafür Glimmer Mist. Die Muster der Kreise kommen von Glimmer Mist, Stempeln und weisser Acrylfarbe. Dann habe ich den Titel (auch mit Glimmer Mist eingefärbt) und mein Journaling (unten links in der Ecke hinzugefügt). Einzelne Stempel, Spritzer, Sticker, Umrandungslinie und wood embellis vervollständigen das Layout.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope I could inspire you. Hope You’ll have some fun creating this week too.

Lieben Dank für's Haltmachen und ich hoffe Euch inspiriert zu haben. Vielleicht habt Ihr diese Woche auch Spass kreativ zu werden, ich wünsche es Euch!

Freitag, 5. April 2013

Landscape within me

What a wonderful theme on Art Journal Journey: Landscape within. I was so inspired. Exceptionally I made a little layout, very colorful and I hope it's ok. It reflects all 4 seasons and their landscapes as I imagine, but the colors for spring and summer are dominant. I'm so ready for spring! ;-)

Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Great NEWS....

I'm so excited to announce that I'm one of 6 girls of the new Designteam of Ingvild Bolme. La la la...

I'm sure you know the awesome products of PRIMA MARKETING and some of them are designed from Ingvild. Take a look in her portfolio: beautiful vintage shabby chic Resins, Junkyards Findings (metals, clocks, bulbs), great tools and her famous Chalk Edgers.

I'm very excited to be a part of the DT of Ingvild, I'm very thankful for the invitation and I'm looking forward to this time and to create projects with awesome Ingvild Bolme Prima products, to inspire you and to develop myself!

Look who are the other girls. I'm sure you know them all, they are very talented designer!

And her are two projects with products from Ingvild.

1) card

card made with Junkyards Findings Clock and Hands from Ingvild Bolme

2) layout

layout made with Junkyards Findings Clock and Hands from Ingvild Bolme

And here you can find the other girls of Ingvild Bolme's DT:

Olga Heldwein: http://olga-heldwein.blogspot.ch/ 
Victoria Klabukova: http://by-fleer.blogspot.ch/ 
Evgenia Petzer: http://evgeniapetzer.blogspot.com/
Florence Teixeira:  http://floliescrap.over-blog.com/

WARM - new challenge on paperdvizhnik

There is a new very inspirational challenge (no.19) on the russian paperdviznik challenge blog.
The task of no. 19 is to make any project (layout, card, art Journal page,...) with the connection to the word "warm". What warmth you. That could be pictures, photos, thoughts, colors,.... What is your association with the word "warm". Please give us a short description of your association of your project.

What warmth me? There are a lot of things but one is my art journal. My journal warmth my heart. It is my creative balance, my compensation, catharsis and relaxation.