Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

My Home

Hi there,

today it's my part at Paperdvizhnik's Home theme.

I want to show you how I work and create. I have a room just for me, but it developed slowly. First it was a guest room, then a study for my Hubby and me. But then I annexed all corners and tables in this room with my material, equipment and stuff and I won ;-)

This is the view of the left side of the room with PC, pens, washi tape and paints and some shelves to show some of my projects.

Here are some projects, some works of fame ;-)

These layouts are ready and waiting for the album.

This is the right side of the room with my work space, embellishments, stamps,... and a lot of boxes to hide the chaos. Take a note, the work space in the corner never looks like this. It's always a mess. But I had to clean up for the new cabinets you will see now.

This is my view back from the work space. The cabinets in the corner are my gallery. There are some works and projects in there I especially love. I always missing a place where I could set up the projects and I am very pleased that they are now no longer get stuck in boxes, but I can see my hard work directly. From there I take out projects to give away or sell. The vacancies are filled quickly. And have a lovely couch to relax ;-)

I feel very inspired and comfortable here. It is my kingdom and I love it.


  1. очень красиво и все удобно, разумно устроено!

  2. класс! тоже так хочу :)

  3. What a gorgeous and WHITE (LOVE) space to work in!! It looks so neat and pretty, can't believe your gorgeous art comes from this space. I pictures paint splattered everywhere and paper scraps on the floor and pretty embellishments everywhere. LOL!! I love your new shelves, YAY just like mine for my albums. I still love looking over at them and smiling.
    My newly cleaned up space is keeping me happy too, slowly I'm doing more over there and cleaning up after each project!! Wish me luck keeping it this way.


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