Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

Spring I miss you....

For me now it's time for spring. I know the winter wasn't very strong but I miss the birds chirp and the green on the trees and bushes. We still have snow here and I know I have to wait patiently. But anyway, I created my early spring with this card and I dream a little... ;-)


  1. This is simply GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "...the winter WASN'T very strong..." is very funny to me because we are still waiting for winter - until last week wasn't snow and frozen there... :-) Well, I hate spring (because spring is stealing my loved winter :-D) but WOW - your card is BEAUTIFUL!!! I like the doors' texture. I admire your work with different techniques!

  3. Stephanie, this is gorgeous, words can't express how much I LOOOOVE THIS!! That texture is awesome, wish I could feel it thru the screen. Lovely colors too and the door is just PRECIOUS!!

    I don't like spring too much but I'm ready for the winter to be done. So now I will ask for SPRING!!! YAY!


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