Montag, 6. Januar 2014

The life of a canvas...

Hi there,

I want to show you a 30x30 canvas I made and how it has changed within two weeks.
My first try was to make a collage on a canvas. I wanted to create a collage with a Ballerina and wanted to use as little as possible color and paint.

This is what I made first.

The Ballerina is a selfmade sketch from a photo, the background are different papers and black and white acrylic paint.
But that was not me. I could not bear it. There was no harmony, easiness, no playfulness. The canvas sprayed pessimism for me, so I decided to change it.

This is my second try.

I was inspired by the december challenge on Art Journal Journey with the theme "light and shadow". I removed the Ballerina and painted a little bit blue and a lot white acrylic paint over it and scratched with an old credit card. I painted the Ballerina black that she can get more effect as a silhouette and I added the ever-repeating words "light and shaddow" with a white pen.

Guess what? I'm still not satisfied. So stay tuned, I do not know yet where it will lead me. ;-)


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