Freitag, 1. August 2014

Painting - video and work in progress

Hi there,

I want to show you a canvas I made.

I'm not so satisfied with the butterfly, it's to rigid with no move and life. Maybe I will go over it sometimes.
But at this time I thought it would be interesting to show you my work in progress with some photos.

I started with a blank canvas and made a background of black, blues, beige and white. I added different layers of paint. Then I added a silhouette of a woman.
It needed more texture so I added papers and I added also tissue paper for the clothing of the girl. And then again paint of course ;-)
The background reminded me of skylines of a city, so I decieded to add a window scene.

And then I added this butterfly and changed something in the background.

Stay tuned, I think it's not the end of it. ;-)

Have a great day with the Paint Party Friday

Paint Party Friday

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