Donnerstag, 17. März 2016

Final Mixed Media Painting from Soul Collaboration

Hi there,

maybe you remember the painting I made for Soul Collaboration.
Soul Collaboration was a Adventure with 4 different artists. The task was to create 4 pieces of 6x6 inch mixed media artwork. Then we each took these 16 pieces and created a masterpiece.
Here you can read more about it.

Maybe you can remember my Piece of Soul Collaboration. I made a collage with all pieces and painted a girl in front of it.

Then I just stuck a bit and I needed more time to give some ideas more room. And this is now my final piece. I painted over the collage and let stand only one window. I used oil sticks for it and added some light highlights come from the window. It was really not easy to paint over all these beautiful pieces but I'm satisfied with it. Now there is room, light and more atmosphere.

Thanks for visiting me.
Have a nice creative day!

Stephanie :-)


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