Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016

Selfmade Boats with Driftwood, Girlie Grunge Gauze and Art Medium and Canvas Ribbons

Hi there,

today I want to show you a selfmade boat on which I used the Canvas RibbonsGirlie Grunge Art Medium and Girlie Grunge Gauze by Donna Salazar from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®. It's made with a driftwood I found at the sea and it will be a nice memory from our vacation.

Let me show you how I created this little boat.

1 - First I cuted some Canvas Ribbons in a form of straight cut at the left and obliquely cut at the right side. The stripes getting wider until a shape of a sail is ready.
2 - Glueing the stripes together with the Girlie Grunge Art Medium.
3 - Sewing a small loop at the straight side to hold a stick. I also sewed the longer side by hand.
4 - The stick is holding the sail.
5 - Varnishing the driftwood by using the Girlie Grunge Art Medium. After its dry make a hole in the middle of the wood.

6 - Preparing the second sail by using the Girlie Grunge Gauze.
7 - Cutting a triangular shape.
8 - Using the Girlie Grunge Art Medium to stiffen the gauze. Let it dry.
9 - Then I fixed the smaller sail by using a needle and thread. The threads at the straight side I fixed by a knob at the stick, the thread on the outer left I fixed by using a little hook.
10 - I finished the boat by using Rub ons I put on the bigger sail.

I so loved this little project, it was so fun and it shows one way more to use the wonderful ribbons by Donna Salazar.

Thanks for visiting me today!
I wish you a nice creative day!

Stephanie :-)

Supplies from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®
Girlie Grunge Art Medium by Donna Salazar
Canvas Ribbons by Donna Salazar
Girlie Grunge Gauze by Donna Salazar

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