Freitag, 28. Juli 2017

NEW Online Class Series - Urban Landscape

Advertisement / Werbung

Hi there,

it was a long preparation and secrecy, but now I'm so excited to announce....

⇒ that my very first online class "URBAN LANDSCAPES" is available now on Kara Bullock classroom.

I was so surprised and happy about the invitation from Kara and was very busy the last months to create at least 4 different projects and 1 Bonus lesson for the class "Urban Landscapes". It's my baby, I'm so proud, so excited and overwhelmed by everything.

A warm welcome to you!  Here is a short Intro for a first impression of the class.

⇒ You can purchase the online class "URBAN LANDSCAPES" at the Kara Bullock classroom now for $39 early bird price.  

Course opens September 4th with regular price of $57.

You will have lifetime access.

Urban Landscapes and the magic of black and white

I would like to invite you into my vision of the world and into my interpretation of abstract art.

Our perception is selective, something is important for us and we see it complete and with details in our own individual way, other things are insignificant and negligible and we do not pay attention to it.
In “Urban Landscape” you will apply this approach of selective perception and combine abstract painting with more realistic sketches.

With your intuitive choice of abstract techniques, paper collage and mark makings and the choice of photos and sketching you will come to your own version of the world.

I’m so happy to share it with you and looking forward to see you in the class!

About the course

In this course we will create 5 different mixed media abstract paintings with city and landscapes views by using the techniques such as collage, abstract painting and mark making, photo transfer and sketching.  You won't believe how easy it is for to pull together your OWN amazing URBAN LANDSCAPE

⇒ More about the online class "URBAN LANDSCAPES" at the Kara Bullock classroom

Für alle deutschsprachigen Mixed Media Fans....

Ich freue mich ganz besonders Euch diese online workshops zu präsentieren. Es ist meine Art der Abstrakten Malerei mit einem Schuss Realismus. Lasst Euch nicht von der englischen Sprache abschrecken. Ich spreche ein deutsches Englisch und denke, daß mich ein jeder verstehen wird, zumal Ihr auch die Handlungen seht. 
5 verschiedene Projekte warten auf Euch. Macht diese Art der Malerei, Collage und Sketche zu Eurem eigenen Abbild der Realität, schafft Eure eigenen URBAN LANDSCAPES!
Ich freue mich auf Euch!

I hope to see you there!

Have a great day or evening!
Stephanie :-)